It is important to be clear about what ATFC is and isn't and what Dr. Ragini's philosophy is.  That way we prevent misunderstandings when you turn to this practice for care. 

Although almost everyone can benefit from chiropractic care, some cases are clearly more suited to traditional
medical intervention.

Thus, I reserve the right to suggest that anyone who presents to this office might be better served by seeking traditional medical care or some other health modality as a first step.


You will get the best possible results in making progress if you and I are a good "fit."  
Not every doctor is the "right" doctor for you.  And every patient is the "right patient" for
every doctor's practice.

It is important that we are both clear about what your health and healing goals and expectations are qne what this practice has to offer that can benefit you most optimally.

For this reason, you are given the opportunity for us to meet before you make a commitment to begin treatment.

 We schedule a no-obligation, in-person  consultation (generally 20 minutes in length).  This is an informal meeting, but it is  clearly focused on what your concerns and challenges are. 

 If we both decide you would be better served by another chiropractor or another type of health practitioner, you go on your way with no hard feelings. 

 If we agree to begin your treatment with this office, you will be given some forms to fill out and we set up a subsequent appointment for you.

STEP 2) 
 You You will bring your forms with you and the fees for your first visit. 
I will conduct a complete medical case history and  perform a neuro-spinal/skeletal exam.

You will receive your first chiropractic  adjustment on this office visit.  On your second visit I will discuss my findings from the previous exam.  We will discuss your care plan and set up subsequent office visits.

*Payment is expected at each office visit on the same day as the day of service.*


I derive great joy in walking the path to health on all levels.  I am committed to my own
personal and spiritual growth and in learning how to become all that I can be in life.
I derive greater joy in sharing my journey with others.  In short, I like to take people
with me.  It makes the journey sweeter.
Most people seek chiropractic care because they are in pain and want relief.  This is
quite reasonable and understandable.  It is also acceptable in this office to come
solely for that purpose.  I honor your decision to make your own choices about how
you wish to proceed.  
But please understand that going to a chiropractor is not like taking your car to a garage to be fixed.  You do not function like a broken car.  One trip to the "shop" is not going to really "fix" (i.e. "heal") anything.

We are entering into a relationship, one which I hope will be of
mutual benefit to both of us as we learn and grow together in
your quest for improving the quality of your life by improving
the status of your health.

      THE SPIRIT IN YOU).     

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